New Forms Matter

My automata will be featured in the upcoming Sculptors’ Society of BC show “New Forms Matter” from April 28 – June 3, 2017. In this show, traditional themes derived from nature and portraiture cross-pollinate with our modern understanding of molecular structure and engineering. Please join me on Thursday, April 27 for the opening reception at CityScape Community Art Space, 335 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver from 7pm – 9pm.

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Mechanical Curiosities

Please join me on February 24th for my first solo show “Mechanical Curiosities: The Art of Automata”

Activate automaton behind glass

I was asked to display my work at the Vancouver Airport but the problem was how to activate the Automaton behind glass. Motion sensors do not work behind glass and putting anything on the exterior of the show case was out of the question.

I came across the idea of a light sensor, if it could be mounted inside the case and the light could be blocked then it should work. In the pictures it shows the hand cut out taped to glass but in the actual application we used double-sided tape.